Hazel English - I'm Fine

everyday I wake to feel the same


ZHU, Tame Impala - My Life

let me live my life


Acid Ghost - I Don't Need You

using me everyday wishing you'd realize and stay but no one is better than him. You look at me and you turn away wishing you'd smile at me everyday but no one is better than him I don't need you

you spit me out again Buy you stuff and it's diamond black you tell me you'll buy me stuff back but you never bought anything for me I take you home from a perfect night you thanked me and then you left my sight but no one is better than you


The Aces - Volcanic Love

i'm looking forward
my mind is looking back


Bahamas - All I've Ever Known

In every breath there's life Between my teeth a knife Pronounced us man and wife For evermore Cause once you've found your thrill You move in for the kill I'd chase you up the hill And all through time And now my memory Seems to be failing me What once was fantasy Is all I've ever known The thing I miss the most Lives in some demon host I know you're not a ghost Just down the street I am a spinning man A living ceiling fan If two could only hang In the same room once again


First Aid Kit - Fireworks

why do I do this to myself every time
i know the way it ends